Software Development and Web Applications

Shane Wesley Scott

I design responsive web applications (such as that look great on every device. I create .Net applications (Winforms, WPF, written mostly in C#, JavaScript and some PHP. This site was designed in using Web Services that connect to a SQL Database using stored procedures. This site uses Bootstrap, Ajax, Jquery and custom CSS styling.

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Alarm Station is a WPF application written in C# that I designed and created as a security system for home and business. The application delegates more control when monitoring a home or business remotely. Alarm Station provides reliable alerts and notifications with no monthly fees and without the need for other 3rd party apps or use of less secure smart devices. The application has the ability to trigger alerts based on voice activation (activated by speaking a code word), noise level threshold (such as fire alarm, window breaking, or gunshot), transmitter signal (motion detector), or USB trigger. The application can be monitored or activated through text message, email, or through the app store. Alarm Station

TicketLog is a .Net (C#) application that I designed and created for the Children's of Alabama IT Department. The application allows support staff to quickly enter support tickets and retrieve detailed customer information from multiple databases with only a few keystrokes. Help Desk calls that once took 5+ minutes to document and troubleshoot were significantly reduced to under a minute for most issues. Support Staff morale was improved by eliminating many repetitive tasks that were once performed multiple times throughout the course of a day. Features Include: update and retrieve customer details from various databases with only an employee number eliminating the need to ask customers repeated questions each time they call such as spelling of name, department, phone, etc. The application automatically retrieves caller information based on login details and even CISCO phone location/number. TicketLog retrieves useful information from Active Directory such as disabled accounts, notes, etc. A major function of the application is the automation of password resets for multiple applications. The ability to quickly connect to a customer’s PC or virtual machine. The application includes a function to automatically generate and submit computer status messages to medical staff, and the ability for Desktop Support Staff to log shift notes electronically.

Custom application for Children's of Alabama - I developed an web application that retrieves data from an SQL Server using stored procedures. The application allows staff to search customer tickets from a database.

Custom application for Children's of Alabama - I developed a simple C# WinForms application that allows users to check their network password expiration and last changed date, including a flash tutorial demonstrating how to reset passwords.