Shane Wesley Scott :: Bio

My name is Shane Wesley Scott. I'm from a small southern town called Holly pond, Alabama. I currently live in Birmingham with my wife, Natalie, and our son, Noah. I've been writing, producing, and performing music for most of my life. You can sample most of my music over the past decade on the music page here.

I currently produce instrumental music for use in TV, film, commercials and broadcasting. This music is available for licensing through Over the years I have recorded many of my grandfather's original songs - Songs By Henry Taylor. I've also released several albums of my own - Gingerbread House and All Over Now (no longer available). One CD that I produced called The Sounds of Fans has become one of my best sellers. Just like the title says it features nothing but recordings of electric fans. You can sample some of the recordings that I have written and produced for myself and other artists on the music section. Many can be found at or available through iTunes or

I also enjoy composing symphonic music for orchestra. The very latest - The Passion Narratives - features instrumental recordings depicting the events surrounding the Passion of Jesus Christ.

My record company is Playroom Records. Publishing for all of my songs are available through Playroom Galaxy Music Group and Please contact me if you are interested in custom produced music for your project.

I've studied music at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. I currently study violin with Sarah Nordlund Dennis of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and piano with Russian classical pianist, Dr. Yakov Kasman.

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