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Instrumental Production Music / Shane Wesley Scott

Instrumental Production MusicMy most recent works are a collection of recordings produced for use in broadcast advertising, corporate, and theatrical settings. The styles range from symphonic/orchestral to acoustic/pop and everything in between. All music is written and produced by myself. Licensing for these tracks are available exclusively through  Audiojungle.net.
You can sample my portfolio and license music here: shanescottmusic

The Sounds of Fans

The Sounds of FansA few years ago I had the idea to record an album of various electric fans. I love the sound of fans and cannot sleep without a fan. I started collecting fans and borrowed a few from my grandparents too. The entire process was so much fun. I enjoyed the album so much that I decided to share it with others. Little did I know that The Sounds of Fans would become one of the best selling album that I’ve released to date.
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